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Corporate Services

Executive Search

We provide this service mainly to MNCs, large indian organizations, promoter driven organization & regional brands who have potential to go national. We help them attract elite talent from mid to senior level. We have a transparent & efficient search methodology that helps individuals and corporates in unfolding potential. We ensure perfect alignment in the goals of the professionals & expectations of the organizations.
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Market Mapping

In Market mapping, we understand organization structures. We also understand markets for different product categories. Our understanding is based on primary & secondary research. We conduct this research with the help of the best industry research professionals. Our quality of work is similar to the elite firms at reasonable commercials.

Coach & Mentors To Promoters

There are industry professionals who have extensive industry experience & are in the industry since a long time. They are experienced in working with both professionals and promoters. We leverage their expertise for promoters. They work closely with promoters to build an ecosystem that helps them take the company to a new level.

Independent Board Of Directors

This service is for organizations who want to expand, scale up or go for an IPO. We help these organizations by bringing in potential industry veterans as board members who help the company in the scaling up process. This is also for organizations who are open to setting up a professional set of board of directors. The directors who can mainly look after the systematic standardization. Directors who can add value to the organization in terms of strategy & governance & thereby create value for the shareholders.

Strategy & Execution Consultants To Organizations

We get industry experts to work with promoters. These promoters help the company make better decisions & deliver the sustainable success that the company desires. We deliver results for clients who are holistic. We start from the conceptualization of the strategy and run right through its execution using the most realistic approach. This end to end support differentiates us from our competitors who just have a transactional approach. We consult in the areas of turnaround strategies, revenue growth strategies & cost-efficiency strategies.