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How ACH is Helping Underprivileged Students Build Their Career

Helping Underprivileged Students Build Their Career At its core, ACH truly believes in helping individuals by touching their lives & unfolding the potential within. Hence, ACH formed ACH-Bejobbed Foundation, where its helping underprivileged students build their Career. The Foundation does this through mentorship and educational interventions that help students choose the right career path.

Why ACH Undertook this Initiative?

There are many bright kids with great potential who belong to families from below poverty threshold. These kids are great in academics but due to lack of right guidance & awareness, they lose out on relevant future career prospects. We have discovered this as a prevalent issue in the various regions of India. With ACH-Bejobbed Foundation, we intend to solve this problem through the various activities in its program. These activities include giving right input to the kids via personal interaction & providing them with encouraging Mentors.

Your Role in Helping Underprivileged Students Build Their Career

We are looking for volunteers who genuinely want to help these bright kids. You can register with us as a Mentor if you want to a make a difference to a kid’s life. You can devote your spare time to conduct sessions with these students as a mentor. We are now in the process of selecting students from the factory locations. These are children of factory workers on company payroll or kids of contractual workers. We are also looking for volunteers from the factory leadership teams. These volunteers can become Mentors & help to coach students or assist them with their examinations.

What is Your Role as a Mentor?

Helping Underprivileged Students Build Their Career
  • Develop a relationship with your Mentee beyond educational sphere.
  • Guide students in education, personality development, hobbies & recreational activities.
  • Help students tackle negative influences from environment & help them focus on their own development.
We will connect you with a mentee whose interest matches yours. This way, the mentee will see a role model in you and get as much benefit as he/she can in terms of input in education and in personal life.

How the Student’s Career Building Process Works?

  • We visit schools & coaching classes across India to find potential students who are bright in their studies.
  • Students are selected through an exam which is either online or offline.
  • Post exam we have a meeting with school authorities & selected student's parents.
  • After this meeting, we select a suitable Mentor for the Student & begin with the Mentorship program.
To know more about our initiative, please call us on 8879781725

What Have We Achieved So Far?

So far, we covered 4 areas in Mumbai. We have conducted exams in 24 coaching classes, 6 schools & 2 Factory locations. Nearly 1000 Students participated & 26 got selected in Mumbai. We also conducted exams in 28 schools in Satara. Nearly 560 students participated in Satara & 27 got selected. Currently, these kids need a Mentor. You can support us in helping underprivileged students build their career by becoming a Mentor. To know more on the Mentorship program, Call Us on 8879781725 or Register With Us